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These videos are supplied by Wayne at www.SwimmingCyclingRunning.com a great and recommended site.

HacketGreat video for Freestyle stroke analysis. Notice the extension on every arm pull and the flexibility in his feet and ankles.
ThorpeIan Thorpe from below the surface (Front Crawl). Make special note of his long arm stroke and the elbow bend (also, contrary to most opinion about good technique, Mr Thorpe breathes every other stroke)
PopovThe great Popov (with sound) showing the phases of the Front Crawl stroke.
Klim PopovA chance to compare these 2 great swimmers head-to-head. Notice the difference between Popov's right and left arms. Also, notice the breathing patterns.
EvansHow does she achieve this speed with this stroke? Clearly above the water is one thing and below the water another.
EvansTake another look at this amazing swimmer, this time from under the water
Track StartHow to track start correctly (rear view)
Track Start Track starts from the Front
Flip TurnIan Thorpe from below the water going into a tumble turn. Notice the streamlining off of the wall.
Flip TurnMichael Klim's front crawl turn. Notice the streamlining off the wall and his 9 fly kicks before he starts stroking.
Back CrawlExcellent video showing the path of the hand in back crawl and the position of the head.
Back StartThis is a set up start to show how a start is really meant to be executed.
Back TurnMore people get DQ'd doing back stroke turns than probably breast stroke legs. Take a look at the experts from the semi-final at the Sydney Olympics.
Fly ArmsThis video from below the surface shows the perfect path for the hands and arms to follow. It also shows the timing of the arms and legs with the 2 kick fly.
O'NiellSuzie O'niell achieves 3 kicks to 1 arm cycle. This video (with sound) again illustrates the correct path for the arm pull.
Breast StrokeGreat video showing 1 swimmer from below. Great for the path the arms take and how the feet turnout to grab the water.
Breast StrokeThe winner of this race is not doing the wave style breast stroke. It's interesting to see 3 different styles in 1 race.
Breast StrokeQuann

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