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Streamline your swimming                                Streamline your swimming      


Personalized "Online Swimming Assessments with Stroke Corrections" for your freestyle technique. The cost of this service is $150.00 canadian For analysis and stroke corrections.

Submit video one set of 5 videos - receive analysis and recommended stroke corrections.
What We Need...

3x 10sec Mpeg video clips (~1MB in file size) from these angles…
1 - Front & Above (swimming straight down the line toward the camera)
2 - Side (walking with swimmer at 90 degrees)
3 - Angle (walking ahead of swimmer at 45 degrees)
4 - Two underwater Videos.

2 x 25m, counting strokes give us average stroke counts per length and average swim time, from push off.
kicking - 50m sprint kick. Give us time of this sprint
Time for - 50m, 100m, freestyle swims.

Contact Information - your Phone Number and Email Address

We need this information in ONE email then we can begin.



Video Analysis