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Workouts from Nate McBride

 I am putting all of the Masters workouts I have written (from the last 16 years) online in a searchable database for free use. I have saved every workout I have ever written and have about 500 or so in the database so far. You can go to


if you want to use it. Comments/feedback are welcome. I am not going to charge a fee like some of those other sites and want this to be a free resource for the Masters community. Once I have the first thousand or so in, I am going to try and develop some sort of online ranking system but for now they are just searchable.

Coach Nate

Swim Plan Free Workouts



Riverpool Workout.

When planning a workout for a swim - in - place RiverPool, use your heart rate as a basis to determine the type of workout you wish to do.... Aerobic, Aenerobic or Max Vo2..

To begin your workout - 4 min warmup strokes of your choice, rest 30 seconds.
Then swim 9 minutes take a 30sec rest, then swim 8 min - swim 7 min - swim 6 min - swim 5 min - swim 4 min - swim 3 min - swim 2 min - swim 1 min (resting 30 seconds between swims)
Finish with a 4 minute cooldown. This workout takes takes 58 minutes then a 2 minute
 calf stretch.

Todays 1000 meter workout.

300 m warmup varied strokes no complete breaststroke, arms only. No devices such as paddles, floats, fins, or kick boards.
500 m swimming, today all crawl
4 x 25 in 16 sec. on 30
3 x 50 in 44 sec. on 1:30
2 x 75 in ? no longer watching the clock on 2 min.
1 x100 holding form. Am I ever out of shape.
200 m very sloppy swim.

Day 2 - 1000 meter workout
200 Warm up 2 x 100, 25 Free, 25 Kick, 25 Arms only, 25 free, 10 sec rest
1 x 200 Free 20 sec rest
2 x 100 Free 20 sec rest
3 x 50 Free 20s rest
250 Cooldown

Day 3 - 1000 meter workout
300m Warm up 100m Crawl, 50m Catch up crawl, 50m Breast using dolphin kick, 50m Scull & flutter kick on the back, 50m Crawl.
500m Workout,
20 x 25m on 30 seconds, first 5 fly, next 15 crawl
200m cool down loosen up.

Day 4 - 1000 meter workout
250 warm up front crawl bilateral breathing.
500 meter work out
10 x 50m crawl on 60 seconds
250 cool down very loose.

Day 5 - 1000 meter Workout fins
WU with fins 150m Crawl and 50m crawl kick
600m with fins Crawl 6 x 100 on 1:50 descending times
200m Crawl cool down no fins

Day 6 - 1000m Workout Paddels only
WU 200 increasing to 75% speed
6 x 100 with 30 sec rest 85% speed
200 cool down last 100m no paddles

Day 7 - Day of rest. Always take a day of rest.


Race Pace Workout...

To me this is the best way to determine your race pace in a pool, swim a straight 1,000 (hard swim) and record your time. Divide the time by 10 to get your 100 race pace time. This is now your race pace time for the 100. If your time works out to be 1:40 you do your 10 x 100 with a 10 sec rest on 1:50, if 1:20 repeat on 1:30.

Workout 1:

Crawl Stroke Repeats At Race Pace
Crawl 1 x 400 Warm up
Crawl 4 x 300 = 1,200 RP on 45sec rest
Crawl 4 x 200 = 800 RP on 30sec rest
Crawl 4 x 100 = 400 RP on 15sec rest
Crawl 1 x 400 = 400 cool down easy swim

total 3,200


More to come